Grand Apartments Amsterdam

With over a 20 years experience matching clients with beautiful properties in The Netherlands;

Grand Apartments Amsterdam is the 'go to' boutique rental agency for expats.

Our experienced and friendly team is a mix of Dutch locals and expats, all with international backgrounds.

We recognise the unique requirements when moving from abroad and we are dedicated to finding you your perfect home.

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Maarssen   Unfurnished   60 m2
Available per:15-10-2021 2nd & 3rd floor 2 bedrooms
Amsterdam   Furnished   45 m2
Available per:11-10-2021 1st floor 1 bedroom
Amsterdam   Furnished   55 m2
Available per:01-10-2021 ground & 1st floor 1 bedroom
Amsterdam   Furnished   70 m2
Available per:01-10-2021 3rd floor 1 bedroom
Amsterdam   Furnished   80 m2
Available per:04-10-2021 3rd floor 2 bedrooms
Amsterdam   Unfurnished   73 m2
Available per:01-10-2021 ground floor 1 bedroom
Amstelveen   Furnished   155 m2
Available per:01-10-2021 ground floor 4 bedrooms
Amsterdam   Furnished   125 m2
Available per:16-08-2021 ground & 2nd floor 2 bedrooms
Amsterdam   Furnished   200 m2
Available per:01-09-2021 1st & 2nd floor 2 bedrooms
Amsterdam   Furnished   340 m2
Available per:01-02-2021 ground floor 3 bedrooms

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