We are delighted to offer to the market this fully furnished 3 bedroom apartment from the Dutch Golden Age, constructed during Rembrandt’s era.

The historical center of Amsterdam is a Unesco world heritage site. This is mainly because the unique Amsterdam Canals which make Amsterdam the Venice of the North. On one of the widest and quietest Canals of this unique city, lies the apartment “hope ,faith and love” belonging to the famous Dutch antiques dealer and philanthropist Ricus Dullaert. This apartment occupies the lower 2 floors of this 6 story high Canal House constructed in 1648 for the Amsterdam merchant in dried fish, Tjaert Wybeszoon. In the 18th Century the house was bought by the very wealthy de Witt family, who in 1763 had the house totally revamped in the then fashionable Rococo Style. The “faith, hope and love” apartment is very unique because it is 80% preserved with all the original Rococo details as the impressive stucco entrance hall, the drawing room with its original Rococo wall panelling and with all its original Rococo chimney pieces doors. The living and dining rooms are decorated with damast in original Rococo patterns. And if you sit at the fire place you can imagine yourself to be more than 250 years back in time.

The Amsterdam Canals date back 400 years ago, and in 2013 the famous “grachtenboek” (Canal Book) was published with the 30 most beautiful and original interiors of Amsterdam’s Canal Houses in it. The apartment “faith, hope and love” was one of the 30 most beautiful Canal houses featured in this book. It was presented in 2013 to her majesty the Queen Beatrix of Orange. 

The 10 room interior has unique features like a 17th Century kitchen, an “opkamer”, the “higher” room with original 17th Century floors and a classical Roman bathroom under the 17th Century vaults. All the rooms are personally decorated by the owner Ricus Dullaert with antiques reflecting the glorious past of Amsterdam and its trade connections. Chinese and Japanese porcelain brought to Amsterdam by the Dutch East India company in the 17th and 18th Century fill the show cabinets in the drawing room. Antique portraits decorate the walls and an 18th Century dinner service is ready for use on the table in the dining room. Massive bronze atlantes carry the ceiling of the bathroom and an empire bath tub is ready for use. 

This is surely not an apartment for everyone, but someone who can value the glorious past of Amsterdam, the timeless beauty of this chique Canal House and the unique interiors will surely make you feel much at home.

This apartment is just 4 minutes walk from Amsterdam Central Train Station and 25 minutes from Schiphol airport by train.
The apartment has also been featured in the Dutch TV program “binnenste buiten” on 18 November 2016. If you type: “binnenste buiten, bij Ricus Dullaert on Google, you will meet Ricus Dullaert giving a guided tour through his apartment. Ricus has put 10 years long all his energy in restoring and decorating this unique apartment.

Additional info
  • Bathtub
  • Separate shower
  • Fireplace
  • Garden
  • Washing machine
  • Not suitable for sharing
  • Exclusive energy bills
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